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United States Cannabis Association Clears Mike Tyson

As Malawians are still debating government’s decision to appoint former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as the country’s Cannabis Ambassador, the United States Cannabis Association (USCA) has cleared Mr. Tyson’s profile.

According to the USCA, Mr. Tyson is someone who is doing a lot in regards to Cannabis cultivation in the United States of America.

Chief Executive Officer, Wezzie Ngalamira, was responding to why the company settled for Tyson of all people, saying the cannabis strain Tyson Ranch which the company is promoting, was actually introduced by him.

Early this month, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that Tyson has been appointed the company’s brand ambassador in Malawi.

Tyson is expected to visit Malawi on a date to be announced. The controversy arises from the fact that Tyson once said smoking cannabis was improving his mental health problems.

While in the country, Tyson is expected to visit the cancer center and others that deal with chronic illnesses, as they can be cured using medicine manufactured from the Tyson Ranch.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba

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