US Man charged for killing wife in Zambia


A US man who in 2016 fooled the Zambia Police Service by claiming that his wife had accidentally shot herself at their hunting camp in South Luangwa has been arrested by the FBI for murder.

In 2016, Dr Lawrence Rudolph and his wife Bianca visited Zambia on a hunting safari and set camp in the pristine South Luangwa so that his wife could fulfill her wish to kill a leopard.

However, on December 11 that same year, ZAWA officers heard a loud bang in the couples tent and when they rushed there, they found wife Bianca lying dead in a pool of blood.

At the police, Rudoph told cops that his wife accidentally shot herself as she was preparing the firearm for the day’s hunt.

With no expert ballistics experts, the Zambian cops swallowed Rudoph’s rabit-bites-a-lion story and thanked him for visiting the police station.

However, back home in the US, the FBI kept the pressure on the dentist after they learnt that before coming to Zambia, he had taken out five life insurance covers for his wife and he cashed big when she died with a whooping $4.6 million.

Investigations also revealed that the Dentist’s marriage was not all rosy and he had probably chosen Zambia as the murder scene to get rid of his wife as he had a new love in his life.

He currently sits in jail awaiting trial.

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Flora Mitumba

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