President Lazarus Chakwera has approved the setting up of a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations leveled against Senior Chief Malemia of Nsanje, District Commissioner, Dr. Medson Matchaya, has confirmed.

Dr. Matchaya has confirmed the development saying “this is in line with a letter his office has received from the office of President.

He told some people calling themselves concerned citizens who have been holding vigils at the council since Monday, agitating for the removal of Senior Chief Malemia, “the commission of inquiry will be chaired by Senior Chief Kawinga of Machinga.

“Members are; Senior Chief Govati of Mwanza, Senior Chief Chimaliro of Thyolo, Inkosi Mwabulabo of Mzimba and Senior Chief Kalumbu of Lilongwe.

The concerned people, have hailed the move but one of the leaders, Isaac Nyakamera, however, asked if the Senior Chief would continue executing his duties of a Chief in the course of enquiry, Dr. Matchaya told them, ” that has not been highlighted in the letter.”

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