Watch Sad Suicide Moment As Mother Hangs Herself Along Side Daughter


Suicide cases dominated the whole of last year and this year is not any different in both the aged and the youth…. In most cases, depression has always been the leading factor….People have always been hurt from the inside and choose not to share with society for reasons known to themselves.

The video triggered attention from social media that triggered reactions from social media users.

In the video, the lady chose a quiet place in the middle of the thick where probably no one could come to her rescue before she hanged herself.

onlookers are seen shocked to the core as some could not hold their tears. could not independently verify the location or identity of the victims as of the time of making this report.

Depression is real and society should create a conducive environment for those with issues to open up and try to come up with a solution other than killing yourself.

Always check on a friend, a family member, or even a stranger just to make sure someone is not dying from inside.

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