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Lawlessness Will Not Be Entertained – Kazako Reacts To Anti-Judiciary Demos

Government spokesperson Gospel Kazako has said government is disappointed with violent Anti-Judiciary demonstrations that took place yesterday in the capital Lilongwe.

A grouping of concerned citizens yesterday organized demonstrations against what they call selective justice by the judicial system.

But the protests were blocked by an injunction which was obtained by business. However, the organizers of the protests continued with their plans and went to the streets.

There were running battles with police who tried to control the situation but it only turned sour as protesters started looting shops and petting stones at the law enforcers.

Reacting to the development Kazako said what happened yesterday was uncalled for and government will not entertain lawlessness.

He has further said that people need to know the difference between freedom of expression and criminality, as failure to do so could lead the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, Police in Lilongwe have since arrested at least 70 people suspected to have caused violence and damage to a number of properties.

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Flora Mitumba
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