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Emotional Kell Kay Speaks On Allegations Of Having A Hand In Martse’ Death

Multi-award winning RnB/Pop singer Kelly Kambwiri alias Kell Kay has broken silence on allegations connecting him Hip Hop icon Martin Nkhata popularly known as Martse’ mysterious death two months ago.

This comes few days after Duncan Zgambo also known as Gwamba and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s spokesperson speak on the same following social media reports as reported by Martse’ brother Jeromy Nkhata and his allege prophet George Chikoko implicated them for being responsible in the Mwano hit maker’s death.

Writing on his verified Facebook page, Kell Kay said despite having fall outs, he loved Martse as his own brother and it is sad that people are dragging his name in the mud it took him years to build.

According to Kell Kay, when Martse got into the accident he personally prayed for him a clear indication that he never wanted anything bad to happen to him.

Read Kell Kay’s full statement below.

 “No one deserves to work so hard in his career and make a name for himself and have this same name thrown in the mud in a day simply because someone recorded a video badmouthing me and yet he has zero evidence about what he’s saying.

Martse was my best friend at a point in time, I loved him like a brother but moyo ndi moyo we eventually fell off because of something that happened in the past. I kept quiet for years not telling people what happened between me and my brother martse because i left it and moved on from the situation. The reason was burried until that prophet mukuti ndani Kaya wakamba something that I have kept for so long komwe kuli kulakwitsa. We all moved on and after about 5 years mukuzibwelesa,kuti zimveke bwanji? There’s a reason why I kept quiet and said nothing plus I respect people’s privacy.

Martse apologized to me after years, we were okay koma not like before. Trust me I don’t wanna say anything bad about my late brother but because of his behavior he was left out on my show not kuti ndimamuda ayi we made peace and honest to God I forgave him nazitaya zomwe anandipangila mbuyomu. I remember last year @sand music festival we went  to mangochi and perfomed together, @lifest we perfomed together and this same year in mzuzu @queens club we perfomed together. I never hated him in any way but because of his behaviour which I don’t want to go into details about, him and I were not close like before.

When he got into that accident people wanted me to cancel my show, something that I had planned for months and spent a lot of money on. The international artists were already in the country, it was impossible to cancel the show.

 I prayed for him personally, as a country we prayed for him, family and friends all prayed for martse but he left us and I had never been so broken 💔 😭😭😭 no one deserves to die like that. I asked God why, I cried and cried, but only He (God) knows best.

Because of how close me and Martse were, my whole family came to the funeral to pay their last respects to him but anadabwa ndikupasidwa security kuti sindingatuluke ndekha because anthu akufuna alimbane nane🥺

I have been malo ambili and I never go with security koma for the 1st time in my life,I was told I needed security, and it happened to be at my friends funeral. I saw tears in my mother’s eyes,my sisters as well, crying that Martse is gone and feeling sorry for me. Then naletsedwa kupita ku manda akuti anthu akulimbanabe nane naletsedwa kupita kunyumba kwanga akuti anthu akufuna kukaphwanya my house . My wife rushed home to get our baby Octavia ndikuthawako 😭  I was so down but I left everything in God’s hands.

2 months down the line, zayambilanso and that pastor kaya muti ndani says 3 people are connected to martse’s death and he mentioned my name pompo saying I’m partly connected mmmh may God forgive you.

I don’t understand how my name is connected to bushiri, for starters, I do not go to ECG, I’m SDA. Ndimamvanso mphekesela kuti people were saying he sponsored my show kuti kubwele mafikizolo ati ineyo ndilibe ndalama, zonsezo zabodza. The only sponsors for my recent show were FDH bank and that’s it.

I launched my first album in 2019 I had no sponsors at all.

I launched it in Blantyre and only safintra and agri-zone international came through for me.

I have done shows but I have never been sponsored by bushiri, I have 2 albums now sanandigulekonso olo kamodzi, anthu ena osiyana siyana are the ones that have been buying my albums. I am only friends with gwamba, who is bushiri’s in law.

This news has affected me and my family so much, mind you, I went to school but not once have I used my degree. I am strictly in the music industry and that’s what puts food on my table now you want to destroy all that?

Mwandiona ndikuzunzika kuyimba ndikujambula ma video ochuluka kuyenda madela osiyanasiyana osapuma kusaka ndalama now mwati ndife a satanic?

I don’t brag I don’t disturb you people ndizinthu zomwe ndili nazo but you always want to look for reasons to pull me down, Amalawi tinalakwa chani? Enanu you hate me just for being me,and you’re among the group of people attacking me for something that’s not even true,koma it’s okay, Ambuye alipo and akuona.

Ife mukatitsitsa kenako mupezenso ena muwatsitse dziko litukuka bwanji tikulimbana tokhatokha?

To Martse’s family, please let us mourn Martse in peace, don’t look for someone to blame chonde, let God be God ngati alipo someone connected to his death God will expose them musalimbane ndi anthu osalakwa ayi. May God bless you.”

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