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Man Who Was Celibate For Three Years While Dating, Discovers After Marriage That His Wife Has A Male Organ

A young man has cried out publicly after finding out his wife has a male reproductive organ.

According to him, he was celibate for 3 years while dating as his wife always came up with excuses whenever he wanted to touch her. He wasn’t able to find out her secret on time.

He said:
“We were about to have s*x for the first time just last night and as I sit here I am confused on what to do.

We dated for 3 years then we decided to get married. I’m a Pentecostal so we decided not to have any intimacy including kissing.

Not that I wasn’t getting h0rny or didn’t want to do it. I was able to hold myself for 3 years.

Whenever I want to do it she kept saying I should wait and not worry since we were both v!rgins.

It’s not easy being a virgin at my age. When we finally got married and it was time, she started giving excuses. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I pushed myself on her and as I was about to penetrate I couldn’t.

I felt something hard so I looked and I saw a pen!s”

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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