Woman kills hubby by pulling his private parts

ZIMBABWE – A 37-year-old Concession woman killed her husband by pulling his private parts following a domestic dispute.

The body of the deceased was discovered in the morning by his sister and he was bleeding from his right eye.

Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Naison Dhliwayo said the incident happened on August 22, this year at around 7pm at Mufenje Farm.

He said Jenny Ndengu and her husband Piki Chapondaninga (37) had a misunderstanding in their bedroom hut.

A fist fight ensued and Ndengu overpowered Chapondaninga. She pulled his private parts and he fell unconscious. Ass Insp Dhliwayo said Ndengu left the but and slept outside. The following day, at around 5am the deceased’s sister Shingirirai Gopani (30) visited the homestead and saw her sister-in-law sleeping outside.

Upon being asked Ndengu said it was because she was safeguarding her property thrown outside by her husband during the fight.

The sister checked in the bedroom but and found her brother lying on a reed mate dead. Gopani informed the father Samuel Gopani (63) who made a police report. Police attended the scene and arrested the accused. The police examined the body and discovered that the deceased was oozing blood from the right eye. The body was taken to Concession Hospital for post-mortem.

“We warn people to avoid physical fighting as a way to resolve conflicts. Use dialogue and third-party negotiation or other peaceful means. It is sad that this situation created more problems with the loss of the father and incarceration of the mother,” said Ass Insp Dhliwayo. The Herald

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