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Be careful with people you employ as maids; maid busted poisoning her boss’ water

A Nigerian house help was caught by her boss trying to poison her drinking water with insecticide (sniper).

In viral video shared online, the house help was spotted kneeling down as she was being interrogated by her boss.

The housemaid confessed to vowing that she would kill anyone who utters words she didn’t like.

According to the housemaid, she took her madam’s room key from where it was usually meet, entered her room and poured the sniper into her drinking water.

Unfortunately she was caught on CCTV carrying out the evil act.

It was not stated where exactly this happened.

While some Nigerians are in support of the madam and asked her to immediately send her packing, others are asking what kind of treatment the madam has been giving her house help for her to think of harming her.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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