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The ministry of health on Monday night revealed that the death number of people suffering from cholera has increased from 110 to 180 from early of October.

Due to poor sanitary conditions on food and unhygienic water the cases of cholera that is leading to death is rising in affected areas caused by diarrhoeal that comes after drinking and eating unhealthy food and water.

‘’Government is working with development partners to ensure that the country has adequate infrastructure to avoid recurrence of water borne diseases in future’’, says the ministry.

‘’The situation is being worsened through ignorance of the affected people to receive medical treatment says due to religious beliefs’’, the ministry continues.

Ministry of health asks the leaders of religious institutions to work together with the government in encouraging their religious members to seek medical treatment to end cholera and unexpected deaths hence some patients went to the hospitals to seek treatment when the disease has already gotten worse.

Cholera outbreak was first detected in Machinga district on March this year and it has increased to 6.056. Says the ministry.

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