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Zambian man admits bedding another man’s wife

A 40 year old man of Chawama Township has admitted tasting the sweetness” of another man’s wife on multiple times.

This is in a matter, Patrick Mwale aged 51 of Makeni Township has sued Kangwa Mutale to compensate him for committing adultery with his wife Chanda Munda.

Mwale has narrated to the court that he caught his wife with Mutale at a lodge where they had gone to enjoy their escapade.

He said what puzzled him was that his wife used to say that Mutale was her regular customer at a Butchery she works from.

Mwale said he became suspicious of Mutale’s advancements towards his wife as he used to call her late at night and they could exchange photos on WhatsApp.

He said after following the couple without their knowledge, the duo went at a lodge in Chawama where he saw them coming out of a room holding hands and smiling.

“After reaching the lodge, I waited for over one hour thirty minutes because I did not immediately locate the room they had booked. I just saw them come out holding each other,” he narrated.

Mwale added the lodge workers confirmed that the couple had been frequenting the lodge as a venue for their “champions’ league” encounters.

“This man has troubled my family, he calls my wife at awkward hours like 22 hours, and drops her home whenever he feels like and she put him on her WhatsApp profile picture for three weeks,” Mwale said.

Without wasting the courts time, Mutale admitted that everything Mwale narrated was true.

In defence, he however expressed ignorance that Mwale’s wife was married as she never mentioned it.

“I knew Brenda Munda last year in November but the relationship became stronger this year in June and as he mentioned, I used to call her and take her home late,” Mutale narrated.

And Chanda Munda admitted that Mutale is her boyfriend and that her husband once found them together at a lodge where he caused a commotion.

” Our marriage ended a long time ago, I just live with him for the sake of the children and the man he has brought to court is not the reason for our marriage breaking down irretrievably, it ended a long time ago,” Muyunda narrated.

She added that Mwale would go for days on pretext that he is going for business as she suspects he is married where he goes.

And Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has adjourned the matter to 4th November to assess the evidence and passing of judgement.

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Flora Mitumba
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