Ministry of Education Condemns Involvement of Children in Demonstrations


The government has taken a strong stance on the involvement of children in demonstrations, particularly during school hours.

The recent Friday demonstrations organized by Bon Kalindo in Mulanje saw school children in uniforms carrying placards with political messages, which has sparked concern and criticism.

The Ministry of Education, through a statement signed by the Principal Secretary, Chikondano Mussa, has condemned the use of children in demonstrations, calling it a violation of their right to education.

The statement emphasizes the importance of protecting the education of school children and ensuring that they are not used for political purposes.

The Ministry has called on all relevant parties, including parents, guardians, activists, teachers, private school owners, and the general public, to stop involving school children in demonstrations.

The statement says that school children should not be used in demonstrations during school hours as it is detrimental to their education.

The Ministry of Education has made it clear that they will not hesitate to engage the appropriate law enforcing agencies to ensure the children’s right to education is protected and upheld.

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