A 27 year old man in Karonga, Jonathan Mzumara has committed suicide after chopping off his wife and son’s heads at Kambwe trading centre in the district.

Karonga Police Station Publicist Sergeant George Mulewa said that bodies of the three were discovered by community members who were passing by after noticing flies flocking to the house.

Sergeant Mulewa added that the body of Mzumara was found hanging from the roof at the sitting room while bodies of his wife and son were lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

The Police Publicist says the couple has been in quarrels since 2019 with mediations not bearing fruits.The deceased have been identified as Jonathan Mzumara 27,Mervis Kumwenda 21 and 2 year old Ian Mzumara.

Postmortem conducted at the district hospital has revealed that Jonathan Mzumara died due to suffocation while the wife and son died due loss of blood following cutting off of the throats.

Source: Zodiak

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