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A 71-year-old man arrested for sodomy in Mzuzu

Police in Mzuzu has arrested a 71 year old man who is suspected of having sex with a small boy.

Mzuzu Police Communications Officer Rose Chipyola said, the man is Fikireni Phiri, Phiri committed the crime on 15 November 2023 at Chambo shopping center in Mzimba.

Chipyola said that on that day the child said goodbye to his mother that he was going to his sister place in Chambo, but instead of sleeping at his sister’s place the boy went to sleep with Mr. Phiri who gave him a penny to shut his mouth.

Chipyola said this became known on 23 November this year, after the child’s sister found him with money, and she asked him where he got the money and the boy explained anything to his sister.

She added that the results from the hospital has confirmed that the child was raped.

Phiri comes from the village of Dongolosi in Lilongwe.

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