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Chakwera Urges Malawians to unite in the fight against Climate change Challenges

President Lazarus Chakwera has called upon all Malawians in the country to stand together in the fight against climate change and addressing its challenges.

Chakwera made the call during official commemoration of International Human Right Day at Chigumukire Primary School in Chileka, Blantyre.

According to Chakwera the matter of climate change is so important considering that it has effects on peace and human right of people in the country.

“We can not fight against climate change on our own and we cannot restore the citizens’ rights that climate change has inroaded on our own but we need to join together in the fight against climate change.

“Here in the Sourthen region, we lost hundreds of lives that could have been spared if laws regarding zoning of housing development had been followed in the past. This is why after cyclone freedy, I enacted the disaster risk management act to ensure that we are proactive in preparing for climate change impact,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi leader also called upon private sectors and the development organizations to support governing institutions that deals with Human right to enforce the Human rights laws.

The International Human Rights Day which is observed on 10th December is a reminder to all on the need to uphold human rights for all persons.

This year’s celebration was being held under the theme “Dignity, Freedom and Justice.

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