University Of Zambia’s 3rd Year Student Dies After Being Electrocuted


There was an outpouring of grief yesterday following the death of University of Zambia (UNZA) third-year student Margaret Chibesakunda, who was electrocuted in her room on Saturday night.

Ruling UPND deputy media director Cheelo Katambo said UNZA management should redeem itself over the death of Ms Chibesakunda, who was electrocuted while attempting to plug her phone for charging.

The incident occurred around 21:30 hours at October Block 2, room 23 at the UNZA Great East Road campus.

Ms Chibesakunda, who was studying public administration, sustained severe burns on her neck, right elbow, and leg.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Chelston Police Station received a report of electrocution from Mwanja Daka, who is a registered nurse at UNZA Clinic.

“Following the unfortunate event, there was a spontaneous demonstration by UNZA students, obstructing the Great East Road with stones and drums,” Mr Hamoonga said.

“In response, police officers swiftly intervened to restore public order. The students were urged to mourn within the campus premises rather than disrupting public order.

Fortunately, the students complied with the advice and returned to the university grounds.”

UNZA registrar Theresa Chalwe said necessary measures have been instituted to ensure that professional investigations are conducted by the police and other relevant authorities to ascertain the cause of death.

-Copied: Zambia Today-

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