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Guard hustles fuel from Boss, Arrested

A resident of Area 47 has cried foul over a number of theft cases that has been taking place around his resident and work place. The resident Dr. Richard, who is the Managing Director of Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) has expressed grief when 60 litres of Diesel has been discovered missing from his fuel reserve at his Area 47 resident.

The whole incident started a couple of months ago at his work place where the guard (name withheld) works during the day and sometimes at night according to the way they shift up with his coworker, when Volunteers for LSPCA started complaining about their cash being stolen on several occasions. All workers at the place were questioned concerning the case but none showed knowledge of any theft taking place around the workplace.

After about a month of the first theft, another Volunteer was hit but the interesting part is that the thief has been using a pattern in all his acts, for example $50, €50, and about K 3,000 was stolen on one occasion and the same amounts where stolen on the other, this made the superiors and owners suspicious since the thief could not take all was there knowing he will come back after sometime.

But since all days are not Sunday’s, a series of the same of theft started over the festive season when fingers pointed the guard since all theft acts were taking place and discovered as soon as he knocks off work and one day he was found looking at things inside the office (where he was not supposed to be at that point in time) in a suspicious way and when asked what he was looking for, he did not answer but kept on “window shopping”, this made one of the workers suspicious and he kept on observing until he was convinced that the guard know something about the whole stealing issue after a bag of maize was discovered missing the next morning, and the guard told the same co-worker before the bag was discovered missing that they should be locking all the days when closing up.

The guard is being held at Area 3 Police Station for questioning but at the time being no trace of any of the stolen things has been found.

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