“Men in Black 3″ Out Tomorrow


The movie “Men in Black 3? opens in most parts of the world tomorrow 25 May.


Most moviegoers will expect to get a few laughs out of the fun sci-fi comedy when Funny-man Will Smith teams up with the laconic Tommy Lee Jones as agents of a secret organisation that keeps Earth safe from bad aliens.

The original, installation of the movie released in 1997 was a huge hit while the 2002 sequel quickly fizzled into oblivion. This third movie comes a good 10 years later and we will soon know whether people are keen on still watching two men chasing aliens dressed in identical black suits, hats and sunglasses.

But do aliens really exist ? Worldwide there are many people who claim they’ve seen or have been victimised by aliens. In Zimbabwe the only case we know of a reported alien landing was on 14th September, 1994, when people claimed a UFO streaked across the sky and landed at Ariel school in Ruwa.

While the case is still in dispute because of the age of the kids and the lack of recorded footage, there was a huge fuss over the issue among conspiracy theorist internationally.

Many international researchers descended on the school to ascertain whether the kids were experiencing mass hysteria or something from outer-space. Whether this story is true or not the fact of the matter is it would be a bit arrogant for us as earthlings to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the galaxy.

We wonder where these kids are today maybe as adults they might be able to tell us what really went down but for now we will have our alien experience on the silverscreen.

There are a few videos on y-tube that detail this case tell us what you think.

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