Malawi warns traders against buying produce directly from farmers


As Malawi faces a shortage of maize, the country’s Agriculture and Food Security Ministry has warned unscrupulous traders against buying farm produce directly from farmers claiming that “their unlawful conduct” is aimed at hoarding or exporting the maize illegally.

People are being urged to guard jealously their hard-earned farm produce and report without hesitation to police those involved in the act.

“Government has noted with grave concern the unbecoming behavior of some traders who are buying farm produce from farmers with intention to hoard it or export it illegally.

“These unscrupulous traders have mounted weighing scales in most corners of the country, especially in rural areas, cheating farmers to sell their produce to them at low prices,” said Jeffrey Luhanga, Ministry of Agriculture and Food security’s Principal Secretary.

Luhanga stressed that their behavior is contravening The Agriculture General Purposes Act, The Smallholder Marketing Regulation Act and the Business Licensing under the Business Act.

He warned that anyone found breaking these laws would prosecuted.

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