Chiefs in Kasungu have pressed for the urgent distribution of relief food items due to the dry spell that rocked the area which has resulted in low harvests.

Speaking during the district consultative meeting at the new District Commissioner’s conference hall, Senior Chief Lukwa said his subjects did their best to care for the crops during the growing season, but due to erratic rains, they have harvested a little.

Lukwa disclosed that most people have been hit hard by hunger especially in his area.

“If you can come and see for yourself in my area, the condition is so pathetic and I tend to wonder why the government is not doing anything to bail out these people,” Chief Lukwa wondered.

Lukwa said the situation would worsen if most of the villagers do sell their little harvests, but was quick to ask for President Joyce Banda’s urgent intervention by providing relief food items as it has been the case with other districts.

“We also need other well-wishers to come in and support the government in helping us before the situation worsens, please do help us,” Lukwa pleaded.

Chief Chidzuma also concurred with the worries of his senior chief as the issue in his villages is becoming more worrisome as already people had sold the little they had because they do not have money to sustain their daily needs.

Snap surveys around most areas in the mighty farming district have revealed that most areas did not receive enough rains, hence their crops were affected so much that one would not imagine how the ever growing golden leaf town would survive.

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