It is an age of prophecies and prophets with some true while others being fake.

A Lilongwe based prophet, Austin Liabunya, has made his prophecy known on next year’s outcome of the Tripartite elections on the position of Presidency.

Speaking to the Mutharika owned Galaxy FM, Liabunya said that the winner of the Presidential polls in next year’s elections is a relation to a former President.

When asked what kind of a relation it is, Liabunya said that the person is just a relation to a former President of the land and not a child.

Liabunya’s prophecy proposes that it is Peter Mutharika who is to win the Presidential polls for, of the known contenders on the Presidential race, it is only Mutharika who is a relation to a former President that is not that of a father and a child as is the case with Atupele Muluzi and his father, Bakili, who once ruled the nation.

However, critics have slammed Liabunya’s prophecy claiming he is fake as he has made some prophecies that have not come to pass.

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