Studies have been suspended at Mulanje Secondary School after students rioted last night setting ablaze part of the stores office of the school and breaking some teachers’ houses.

The students went rioting after it was alleged by a sect of them that they had seen the teachers preparing the food with a local herb referred to as khuzumule which is meant at keeping a person docile in the event of being confronted by a danger. It is further said that the herb is used to keep a marriage partner docile while the other one gets away with almost every other sin.

As to why the students thought that the cooks would use the herb in the preparation of the food, it is yet to be established though others allege that male cooks wanted to use the herb in having an easy go with the lady students there owing to the power in the herbs.

Police had to be called in to quell the riots and calm the situation but studies are yet to resume just as educational authorities are yet to make a statement on the issue.

Secondary school students in the land have mostly rioted on the grounds of satanism and this is a rare time that riots have been sparked on the grounds of authorities using herbs against them.

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