Since the onset of independence in African and Caribbean countries, citizens in those countries have been taking the back seat, hoping for the better without them being involved. In recognition of this reality, the Pan African Workshop has been organized to promote trade and investment for the African and Caribbean Countries in the UK and Europe.

 The Pan African Workshop has been organized by the initiative of citizens who originate from the two regional countries-it will focus on important issues that affects the African and Caribbean Community in the two regions.

The Pan African workshop will be held on 17 April  at kings college in London.

The workshop will bring together hands of   professionals in the fields of trade, small scale businesses and export.  The resource team comprise nationals from Africa and the Caribbean for them to share their experiences. Countries with Diplomatic Agents in the United Kingdom have been invited to patronize the workshop by sending their Trade Attaches or Commercial.

The balance of trade between developed and developing countries has been declining since the time of independence prompting some to advocate senseless conspiracy theory of continued exploitation.

Truthfully speaking, citizens from developing countries have themselves to blame because until today they do not understand the fundamental principles that had motivated colonialism and imperialism.

Colonialism and imperialism were an economic enterprise to promote import and export trade with the colonial states. British national opened farms and businesses in the colonial states which produced products that had market demand locally and the United Kingdom. This meant their goods had ready markets.

Surprisingly, leaders of the newly independent  developing states failed to conceptualize the importance of developing their own market intermediary companies to substitute the family based marketing systems which were used by the former colonial masters. This is the reason, the balance of trade has been declining.

Therefore, the hosting of the first ever Pan African Workshop is a strategic initiative intended to promote trade and investment from  the developing countries to the United Kingdom and Europe in general.

Those willing to enquire about the possibility of finding space to attend or secure space to exhibit products are free to contact the Event Director at;



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