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Ghana’s captain Gyan heads to Malawi for charity match

The UAE-based striker will be playing a football match in one of the top undisclosed local teams in Malawi during his brief stay to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is scheduled to travel to Malawi at the end of August to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and youth development, Face of Malawi understands.

The striker, who is the incumbent Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS ( UNAIDS), will use football as a powerful tool to sensitise the youth in particular about the need to abstain and stay away from social vices.

Meanwhile, UNAIDS and the Malawi government are working on activities that Gyan is expected to carry out during his brief stay in the country, including playing a football match in one of the top undisclosed  local teams in Malawi.

The 29-year-old, according to reports, will use his experience and stardom to mobilize the youth to campaign for abstinence. 

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