Macky2 and Sipe quickly got up close and personal when the lights went off. With Goitse out to the bathroom for a couple of minutes to the bathroom, Macky2 soon slipped in next to Sipe for a quick chit-chat. The popular Zambian rapper spoke frankly with the Malawian princess and one hopes the two did not turn things sour with their partners waiting and watching them at home.

Malawi’s Sipe

Macky2 had noticed how Sipe was shying away from him and that even though she wanted to get closer to him; she kept away for fear of rejection perhaps. He soon laid it bare to her that he liked her and that he knew that she liked him too but that they couldn’t have deep conversations concerning feelings because she always spoke about her boyfriend.

Sipe denied always talking about her boyfriend and simply threw out that she was a girl (whatever this meant). Macky2 told her that even though he had known her for about three weeks, he felt that he knew her well enough if she was indeed being herself. He reminded her of a time that he questioned her about her drinking and explained that he was worried about what “the phly chick” was doing to herself by consuming so much alcohol. Here’s a short clip of their conversation:

Zambia’s Macky 2

Sipe later told him that she had changed and that she didn’t know what had happened when she got into the house. Their conversation would have probably lasted longer had it not been for Goitse’s return. She settled with Arthur and gossiped about how things were changing in “Beverly Hills” (the upstairs sleeping area where they slept). Macky2 went back to his bed and Goitse took her position to be filled in on the developments.

Will anything happen between these two? What will become of their partners outside of Biggie’s house?

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