Former legal advisor to late Bingu wa Mutharika, Z Allan Ntata has advised government not threaten Malawians spreading rumours that President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is ill, saying the threats will not bring solutions to the queries.

Ntata said this in a short statement posted on his official facebook page reacting to a statement released by Minister of Information and Communications Technology Malisoni Ndau.

In a statement Ndau warned Malawians to desist from spreading the rumours, saying government will arrest anyone if found.

Reacting to Ndau’s remarks, Ntata said the remarks are unacceptable for democratic country.

“It is not acceptable for the government in such circumstances to start threatening and intimidating people who through their own intelligence, cunning and resourcefulness, attempt to fill the information vacuum.

“The solution is very simple. Show the people a video recording of the president, holding a newspaper of the day the recording is made. The president has a social media presence. Why can’t he go live there if he is really in good spirits and enjoying himself? We have constantly seen pictures and videos of presidents of other countries enjoying their holidays. Our president can do the same. One strategic picture, one video, and the Rumours and gossip will immediately stop. Intimidation is not the answer,” wrote Ntata.

He said government has to come on the open to explain to Malawians the health conditions of President Mutharika.

Meanwhile it is not known as to when President Mutharika will be returning to Malawi.

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