Poly, Mzuni students cancel demonstrations in Lilongwe, Blantyre: Mzuzu demonstrations on


Mzuzu University Student Union Representative Council will today hold demonstrations in the city to force government through Ministry of Education Science and Technology to reopen the college which was closed two months ago due to strike by lecturers.

In related development, Polytechnic Student Union and MUSREC and Youth and Society (YAS) have cancelled demonstrations in Lilongwe and Mzuzu due to failure by City Council officials and police to grant them clearance on the matter.

“We regret to inform you all that the Lilongwe, Blantyre City Council and Police did not ‘grant us permission’ citing a few vague reasons. We have no doubt, there is huge political interference from above . However, we have made an arrangement to present the petition directly to the Malawi Human Rights Commission as planned but without a procession.

“Only MUSREC President, PSU President and YAS Executive Director joined by a few selected Union leaders will present the petition to the Human Rights Commission offices in Lilongwe at 9 :00 am. This is therefore to advise all students and potential participants in Lilongwe to stay away ,” reads the statement in part.

Speaking on Tuesday on the demonstrations scheduled for Mzuzu today, MUSREC President Wazamazama Katatu said everything is ready.

“We are however glad that Demonstrations will still take place in Mzuzu as planned , and your union leaders will also present the petition in Lilongwe through the stated arrangement !

“Let’s storm Mzuzu streets. We are starting at 9 :00 am , from Mzuzu University Gate,” said Katatu.

After the demonstrations, Mzuni students will hold vigil at the National Assembly until their grievances are heard.

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