A 23 year-old man is reported to have raped is would be mother-in-law (60) claiming she was fixing for her daughter who has been refusing to sleep with him for the past 2 years.

The man Julius Masvosva who is reported to have been dating the 26 year-old woman who happens to be a daughter to his victim, visited his girlfriend t her place where he asked for sex from his partner, who turned him down.

According to sources, the lady gave Julius a biblical reference on her denial arguing that it is only the married people, who are entitled to be sleeping with each other and she told him to wait until they get married.

The 26-year-old girlfriend is said to have told her 23-year-old lover that it was better to end the relationship than for her to sacrifice her virginity before marriage.

The news did not go well with the sex starved boyfriend as he promised his girlfriend that he would not relent until he slept with her.

After some days, the girlfriend left her home to visit a friend, when Julius learnt the news, he went to his partners place and he allegedly opened that he came to have sex with for it is her fault that her daughter is refusing to sleep with him.

He then raped her twice and threaten to kill her if she reveal the incident to anyone.

However, the mother reported the incident to police which resulted into apprehending Julius.

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