Police Nab Naked Woman With Daughter’s Severed Head [Graphic Photos]


A naked woman was caught wondering the city road of Ukrainian as police officials and patrol cars surrounded her.

The police found a severed head in a plastic bag she was clutching. The Ukrainian mom threatened to attack the police with knife that she had in her other hand.

The police discovered that, the severed head in the plastic bag was her one and only teenage daughter.

A man named Anton, 40, later called police to report that he had found the beheaded body of his niece Kristina aged 13, in his flat.

He apparently lived with his sister and his niece.

The body had 20 stab wounds in the brutal killing.

According to the brother of Tatiana, he said although the family was poor, his sister had a job and her daughter was not socially deprived.

This gruesome murder shocked neighbours in Ukrainian city Kharkiv. Most of them said her macabre actions were totally out of character.

One neighbour who spoke to the news team said, the mother and daughter were close. ‘Pyanova would move mountains for her daughter,’ she added.

Another woman who knew the family also said: ‘I don’t believe that Tatiana could do that, I don’t believe it.’

Tatiana Pyanova,38 refused to explain anything to police officers.

She was later sent to court, which the judge ruled that the tragic mother was suffering from a chronic illness which made it impossible for her to realise her actions.

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