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Uganda to start Covid-19 vaccine trials next month

Uganda will in December start tests for Covid-19 vaccine as the country steps up its efforts in search of medication for the virus that has so far killed 201 citizens and infected 20,145, the country’s President Museveni has said.

In a televised address last evening, Mr Museveni said Ugandan scientists had developed seven products; six of which are under trial, and one, an immune booster already being used.

“The first three are all anti-virals- killing the virus and limiting the damage of the virus to the body,” he said.

According to the president, dozens of people have been healed by “these substances but, starting December 15, 2020, patients under strict medical supervision will have this medicine tried on them. The scientists are saying that within 40 days, enough patients will have been treated to convince other persons that are not part of the trials that the drug works against Covid-19 and other viruses.”

The fourth product, Mr Museveni, said is a bronchial dilator- a drug that will keep a patient’s lungs airways open without the need to use the ventilators that cause damage to other body parts where they are inserted.
“Our scientists have also developed two diagnostic tents- one which uses saliva and can give results in 30 minutes. There is always opportunity in adversity,” he said.

His remarks come amid reports that the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) partnered with Imperial College London to start the first Covid-19 vaccine trial in the country before end of this year.

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