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The Ministry of Transport and Public Works through the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services would like to remind all transport operators and the general public that the gazetted Public Health (Corona Virus and Covid-19)(Prevention, Containment and Management) Rules 2020 are still in force.
The Ministry therefore wishes to draw the attention of all road transport operators and the travelling general public that the following measures are still applicable;
1. Carrying capacity for the following vehicles reduced as follows:
● All public service vehicles (Buses, Minibuses and Taxis) should reduce their seating capacity to 60% whilst observing social distance;
● Tricycle shall only carry the rider and one passenger whilst observing social distance; and,
● Goods vehicles shall only carry the driver and one passenger in front seat whilst observing social distance.
2. Pedal cycle and motor cycle should maintain carrying only one passenger.
3. No standing passengers allowed on any public service vehicle.
4. Public service vehicles should have slide opening windows and those without should have a functional ventilation system.
5. All public service vehicles are required to disinfect before commencement of every trip.
6. All crew and passengers must put on face masks that will cover the nose and mouth.
7. All passengers must wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizers before entering a bus or minibus.
8. Animals are not allowed to be carried on public service vehicles.
9. All goods vehicles are not allowed to carry passengers.
The Ministry of Transport and Public Works is further warning all operators that failure to adhere to these measures will attract a fine of One Hundred Thousand Malawi Kwacha (MK100,000.00) and imprisonment for three (3) months. In addition, the operator licence and any permits of such operator may be revoked.
Any excess passenger found in public service vehicles shall be removed forthwith.
This press release is hereby confirming that no Covid 19 regulation has changed. All regulations will be enforced accordingly.
Remember, COVID-19 is real and together we can stop the further spread of the Corona Virus!
Nancy Chaola Mdooko (MP)
Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works
26th January, 2021

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