High Court Judge Redson Kapindu has adjourned plea taking and directions hearing in the K5 billion cement gate case to March 29 after it was established that some defense lawyers had not been served with disclosures.

The adjournment follows a complaint raised by the defense lawyers saying that some of defense lawyers were not served with disclosures while others were served late.

The lawyers say they had a meeting with State lawyers to have the court adjourn to another date the plea taking and directions hearing in order to have the issues rectified.

The suspects in the case, business person Mahmed Chunara, Former President Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard Norman Chisale, former director of state residences Peter Mukhito and Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) deputy commissioner general Roza Mbilizi appeared before the High Court in Lilongwe to take plea in a case in which they are accused to have abused the tax payer identification number (TPIN) for the former president to import cement worth K5 billion duty free.

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