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Confusion As Ugandan Man Who Went For A Head Surgery Finds His Left Kidney Missing After The Operation

Old Kampala Hospital in Uganda is currently on the spot for allegedly harvesting the kidney of a patient without his knowledge.

According to the sources, the victim identified as Muhammad Kabanda had visited the health facility on 24 September 2022 after he was involved in a tragic bodaboda accident.

Reportedly he had sustained serious head injuries and was scheduled to undergo head surgery which was to cost him 5.35 million Ugandan shillings catering for both the surgery and medication.

However, after surgery, he noticed that he had a fresh wound on the left side of his abdomen.

When he questioned the doctors in the hospital he didn’t get a satisfactory answer forcing him to go and seek answers at another medical facility.

He went and did ultrasound scans in three different hospitals, Mengo hospital, Malcolm and Mulago National Referral Hospital and the results showed that his left kidney had been extracted.

The Ugandan police have since summoned the hospital and are currently waiting for a report about the incident as the investigations are ongoing.

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