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Beware, These Are Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid Eating In Excess

Cancer is one of the most dreaded and perplexing diseases because of the wide variety of cancers and the complexity of the factors that can set off this disease.

Healthline states that several factors, including a person’s genetic makeup, their family medical history, and some environmental variables (habits connected to their lifestyle), may contribute to the onset of this ailment.

It has been shown through research that some foods contain carcinogens, which are not only dangerous but also have the ability to cause cancer.

Therefore, this article will centre on specific foods that, according to Healthline, increase the risk of cancer, especially when consumed in big quantities over a long period of time.

One, fried or deep-fried foods

There is a chemical called acrylamide that forms in food when it is cooked at a high temperature, such as when frying, baking, roasting, or toasting.

Chemicals called acrylamide are known to cause cancer in animals and are likely to have the same effect on humans.

These chemicals are commonly found in fried foods, especially fried potato products like French fries and potato chips.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity are both linked to a diet heavy in fried foods. Both conditions are associated with increased oxidative stress and inflammation.

Inflammation and oxidative stress have both been proved to be significant by researchers.

Prepared meat

Healthline writer Kirsten Nunez defines “processed meat” as any type of meat that has been preserved by the use of salt, cures, canning, smoking, or other techniques.

The vast bulk of processed meat is made up of various cuts of red meat. In addition to “beef jerky,” other examples of processed red meats include “hot dogs,” “sausage,” “corned beef,” and “ham.”

In the past, processed meats were prepared using methods that were known to release carcinogens.

Thirdly, processed sugar and flour

Healthline author Kirsten Nunez suggests that a diet high in sugar and processed carbohydrates may increase cancer risk.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity are both linked to a diet high in sugary foods and drinks such pastries, white bread, white rice, sugary cereals, and sugar-sweetened beverages.

These two factors may increase your risk of developing a certain form of cancer.

Type 2 diabetes raises the risk of ovarian, breast, and uterine cancer, whereas abnormally high blood glucose levels are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer.

Oats, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and pasta are all examples of whole grains that should be included in your diet more frequently.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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