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Two People Die After Consuming Kachaso on Empty Stomach in Mchinji

In a tragic turn of events, two individuals have lost their lives in separate incidents after consuming locally brewed beer on an empty stomach in Mchinji district.

The victims have been identified as Charles Banda, aged 49, and Jailosi Chankhumba, aged 31. The incidents occurred in different villages within the border district.

Charles Banda was discovered lifeless in a maize field in Lumbe village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Mlonyeni. Banda, a farm worker by profession, had reportedly abandoned his work to indulge in the consumption of kachasu, a popular type of locally brewed beer in the surrounding villages.

Jailosi Chankhumba, on the other hand, was found dead in a bush in Kanyama village, which falls under Traditional Authority Zulu. Prior to his untimely demise, Chankhumba was witnessed appearing heavily intoxicated within the village.

Limbani Mpinganjira, the Mchinji police spokesperson, shared details about the incidents.

It was revealed that Banda hailed from Chambwe village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Malili, while Chankhumba belonged to Malingunde village in the area governed by Traditional Authority Masumbankhunda.

Both villages are located in the Lilongwe district.

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