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Jenda Police Speaks Tough On Mob Justice

Jenda police in Mzimba have condemned acts of mob justice against individuals suspected of practicing witchcraft.
The condemnation comes following the burning of houses belonging to 76-year-old Maria Nzima and her daughter, Victoria Moyo, on September 13, who are being accused of practicing witchcraft.
According to Sokesperson for Jenda police MacFarlane Mseteka, the two are being accused to have had a hand in the disappearance of a child at Kamangadazi Moyo village in the same district .
Mseteka added that villagers allege that Maria Nzima magically hid the missing child in a bottle.
He said angry villagers who were demanding the release of the child from the two accused individuals went on rampage leading to the setting ablaze homes of Maria and her daughter.
Meanwhile, a police manhunt has been instituted to apprehend individuals suspected to have been behind the fire as well as investigating reports that some traditional leaders were involved in rituals that were conducted to force a confession from Maria regarding the child’s disappearance.
Source: MIJOline
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