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American rapper T.I. confronts club owner for using his face without consent to promote a party

American rapper and 3 time Grammy Award winner, T.I. confronted an Atlanta nightclub for using his and his son’s likenesses on a flyer without consent to promote a false event.

The rapper expressed his displeasure in a video, warning the venue that nothing would proceed until the matter was resolved.

“N***a, you can talk to me!” T.I. yelled in the clip, before getting in the face of someone who appeared to be a doorman. “Until then, ain’t nothin’ goin’! Ain’t nobody gettin’ nothing goin’. Nothing! Call who you need to call, do what you need to do! Ain’t nothing happenin’. No money, no beers, no no partyin’, no sections, nothing! You put me and mine on the mothafuckin’ flyer, n***a get me everything. And if you can’t, don’t play with me.”

The flyer depicted an altered image resembling a recent altercation between T.I. and his son.

The rapper emphasized his standing in the city and demanded appropriate compensation for the unauthorized use of their images.

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