Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has donated K15 million towards Phyzix Mountain Goat Concert, which is slated for December 15, 2023, at Amaryllis hotel in Blantyre.

Speaking at unveiling ceremony in Blantyre, TNM’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Madalitso Jonazi, said that the partnership aligns with TNM’s mission to empower local artists and contribute to the vibrancy of Malawi’s music industry.

Meanwhile, Phyzix expressed his gratitude to TNM for recognizing his talent and believing in his work.

“I am truly elated with excitement and gratitude for the 5 million Kwacha boost towards the Mountain Goat Concert,”

“Thank you for making it easy for people to stream our music and videos through Pamtsetse and Agulu bundles. Thanks for the Caller tunes, events sponsorships and so much more,” said Phyzix.

Jae Cash, Vinchenzo, Loki, Hyphen, Ashley, Mwanache, Charisma, Tuni, Kelie Devine, Third Eye and smacks are among the local and regional artists that have been lined up for the concert


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