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Malawian student nurse awarded in America for saving lives of many after a driver collapsed while driving


A 19-year-old Malawian girl by the name of Ndaona Phiri originally from Kasungu District but based in America as a student nurse at Sinclair College in Ohio has been awarded for what she did three weeks ago after saving lives of many in a bus following the collapsing of the bus’s driver.

It was on a morning and as usual Ndaona together with her friends were going to school in a bus belonging to RTA and suddenly, the driver collapsed while on a steering and fell on the floor.

It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.”

Everyone there including some passengers and the students was crying for his/her life as the bus was in a haphazard direction.

It took Ndaona some courage to take control of the bus and parked on a more safe place.

It was like a shock to many and it was like they were watching a movie?? No a young girl from Malawi did that a development which pleased the bus officials to reward her for saving lives.

Ndaona has been rewarded with a free bus driving lessons, some school necessities, free bus pass for one year and a gift voucher of $500.

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