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Sat, 15 Jun 2024 18:00:00 UTC @ Salt River Circle Hall (Cape Town) - Chi-Chi Beauty Parlour Entertainment Presents SA Ghetto Tour with live perormances from Jetu, Zonke and Pop Young at Salt River Circle Hall in Cape Town South Africa on 15 June 2024. Th... More Info
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Sat, 15 Jun 2024 19:00:00 UTC @ Red Lounge In Lilongwe - Be one of the first 70 people to listen to the whole STAY ALIVE project by Chizmo Njuchi on 15th June at Red Lounge In Lilongwe. Stay Alive Listening Party will start from 19 to 22 PM.... More Info

“Who voted for the NGOs, I have 2.9million votes” – Bingu Wa Mutharika

Bingu is wrong
Yesterday, Bingu was at it again misleading citizens on the number of votes he had scooped in 2009 general election. The truth is that electoral votes are based on voter’s opinion at the time of casting the ballots. Therefore, it is wrong for Bingu to be bragging about that he had scooped 2.9million votes. These votes depend upon fulfillment of social contracts between the president and the voters. This is why in developed countries they post opinion polls to show the current rating of a president. When Obama won the election, his voter rating was about 60% but now this has dropped to 33%. This means that if given the chance to vote again, president Obama would not win the vote. Similar, Bingu was questioning the mandate of Civil Society Organizations. To educate the president, it must be explained that Civil Society do not need elections because they represent the voiceless and marginalized citizens in society. Maybe it is necessary to advise the president that Civil Society organization support social justice. They live with the citizens and observe the way things are done in society. If Bingu were not involved in corruption he should have been working hand in hand with the civil society leaders. But his intransigence is proving that he is desperate and does not want to explain how he built a K600million house in seven years.

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