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Donor conning Undule Mwakasungura in affair with Australian Man, to stand for PP in Karonga

Undule Mwakasungura, the fading civil rights defender and executive director for the Centre of Relief and Rehabilitation (a Lilongwe based NGO that now campaigns for same sex relationships) is in a sex relationship with a fellow man, an Australian.

His girl friend Sibongile Zgambo, the Zodiak Broadcasting Station radio presenter, has been complaining to and seeking advice from her friend in Area 47 in Lilongwe about the strange behaviour of her lover, Undule, who is married to a woman but has a romantic relationship with a white man.

According to Sibongile Zgambo, twice while they spent a night together at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel in Salima and Sun’n’Sand Holiday Resort in Mangochi respectively Undule took calls from a man, sounding white, with a husky voice while he thought Zgambo was asleep.

Zgambo told the friend the conversation at Livingstonia Beach involved online kissing while Undule cuddled his dick and balls before he was interrupted when he realised that Zgambo was awake. She told the friend that he arose from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom where he completed the call.

When Zgambo asked Undule who he was kissing on the phone, Undule angrily told Zgambo she must have been dreaming. He denied being stimulated in the telephone conversation by a fellow man. On this one he claimed that Zgambo must have been hallucinating.

According to Zgambo’s account, at Sun ‘n’ Sand Undule, after answering the call from a man, sounding the same white man, disappeared immediately into a bathroom, while Zgambo pretended to sleep.

Zgambo followed to the door of the bathroom and eavesdropped on the phone conversation. She could not pick out the words, except for the screams she heard Undule making.

One day, while they were on another outing with their friends, Sibongile asked Undule for his phone to make a call. When she got the phone, she innocently disappeared into the ladies where she scrolled records of messages, and her suspicions were confirmed that Undule was dating a fellow man.

She found messages between Undule and a white Australian man talking dirty, commending each other for the sexual encounters they had had physically in Australia and Malawi and also online.

She also discovered that this Australian is one of those that fund Undule.

Undule campaigns for and defends same sex marriages with passion that has made many people believe it not just out of belief but self serving interests and personal involvement.

Meanwhile Undule has been identified as candidate that will stand for the PP in Karonga North in the 2014 parliamentary elections.

This could be the reason for Undule’s faltered altitude towards the defence of rights abuses and constitutional breaches of the current administration

His friend, Reverend MacDonald Sembereka, who was Undule’s Executive Director of the Human Rights Consultative Committee when he was chairman, will be standing for PP in Mangochi Central.

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