By Robert Kumwenda

Government has urged the Malawi Writers Union to revisit their marketing strategy so that they should sell more books to improve on their earnings.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife, Dr Michael Usi said this when President of Malawi Writers Union Sambalikangwa Mvona complained that the organization is facing challenges due to low earnings from book sales.

“They have to promote the culture of leading among all Malawians because if they encourage people to read more, the more books they are going to buy,” he said.

The Minister said it is only when there is hunger to read where people can buy books saying that it is important for the writers themselves to know what they are doing and show the value for money than just asking for support.

He also stressed the need for motivation on the way they conduct themselves and do their things.

The Minister has since urged those that are in the creative industry to look at various ways on how they can help themselves as government cannot manage it alone.




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