The Center for Democracy Economic Initiative (CDEDI) has warned Tonse Alliance officials not to take advantage of the situation of men and women in uniform to abuse them.

The remarks were made following reports that Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers, Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prison Service and Immigration are not receiving their covid-19 risk allowance despite being included on the list of beneficiaries.

“CDEDI is also shocked with media reports that members of the police service are not receiving the Covid-19 risk allowances despite being included on the list of beneficiaries,” said Namiwa, CDEDI executive director.

According to Namiwa the act is shameful at the same time raising a lot of questions on integrity of the Tonse Alliance led government.

“CDEDI would like to warn the authorities not to take advantage of the situation of our men and women in uniform in the MPS, Prisons, Immigration, and the Malawi Defense Force (MDF), who cannot speak out publicly for fear of disciplinary actions and reprisals, since they are not allowed to form Unions at their various work places,” he added.

CDEDI has therefore emphasized that such situations should not in any way lead to abuse of men and women in uniform.

“It is worth noting that they are first and foremost humans, therefore it is totally uncalled for to hide behind issues of professionalism and discipline to trample willy-nilly upon their rights,” he said.

He then challenged the Inspector General (IG) of the MPS, to ensure that “police officers get their dues immediately, or explain the whereabouts of the huge sums of money the MPS was allocated for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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