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As the country is still battling the outbreak of Cholera, some parts of Blantyre have been affected by a virus called mumps which has affected children.

According to reports, the virus is spreading a lot in children especially in schools and homes.

Adults are also affected by the virus.

In an interview with one of the affected children’s parent Mrs. Mkandawire, said the present virus is more harmful than from the past, she also complained that her child has been affected  academically.

“I have been receiving reports that our children are being neglected from schools, even when they are playing, their friends are afraid of them due to their parents’ advise”, said Mrs. Mkandawire.

One of the parents whose children have not been affected by the virus said they are scared of their children’s safety and have resorted to keep their children from school.

“This disease has come in a bad way because it is still time for school and we are failing to send our children to school because we have heard that a lot of children have mumps virus so we are afraid and keeping them away from school is the only option”, she said.

Teachers from one of the private primary schools in Manase has urged hospital authorities to quickly have treatment on the virus.

“We are asking for vaccines from health centers to come and vaccinate children so that their education should continue as well as unity in both homes and schools as children are playing”, she said.

Mumps is caused by a virus and its symptoms are chills, headache, poor appetite, fever, a feeling of illness followed by swelling of the salivary glands hence it’s signs are puffy cheeks and tender caused by swollen jaw.

The disease is contagious and the virus spreads from one person to another.

According to health records, for the past years to 2020, Malawians mumps cases remained stable at around 0 since the description is composed by digital data of current virus of coronavirus Data.

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