In a bid to fight poverty, Kenyans have found a way by renting out their wives and children for sex to rich tourists.

One of the men in the game of renting wives, James Kimani said he could not let another woman her the job whilst his wife is jobless hence opting fr his wife to carry the job.

“Why should I make another woman rich yet my wife is jobless?” asked Kimani.

According to Kimani, he was once approached by a tourist who asked him to find him a lady who would entertain him.

Seeing how things were at his home, Kimani discussed the matter with his wife who later agree to entertain the tourist.

“After giving it a thought I said, ‘Yes I have a nice, bubbly woman. She is dark-skinned, well endowed and naughty. She is my younger sister, very single and well behaved. I can bring her tomorrow,” Kimani said.

She takes home Sh40,000 monthly from the trade.

“We still love each other, we are still married and she supports this family. She is the breadwinner,” Kmani said.

Kimani hooked her up recently with an Austrian man and she has been away from home for two weeks.

“All’s well. I trust she will come back. The longer she stays the more money she brings home. Meanwhile, am taking care of the children as she hustles,” he said.


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