CAPE TOWN – Correctional Services has lodged a rape complaint against a male official in KwaZulu-Natal who allegedly had sex with an inmate.

It says it did so because the inmate was in a vulnerable position.

The official is still undergoing a disciplinary process.

It’s the second case being investigated in the province after a video went viral of a female official having sex with a male inmate.

Correctional Services National Commissioner Arthur Fraser has informed Parliament that a police officer has impregnated an awaiting-trial prisoner.

“What we discovered in this process is that that police officer collected the remandee and that that sexual act happened outside our facility,” Fraser said.

“We have engaged with SAPS and they are busy with disciplinary matters in this regard. I thought we had to reflect on this so you don’t see it on social media later and think we have not registered it with the committee.

“We are following that up, but we want a clear protocol on how we deal, and who can collect. So that protocol we are busy with.”

Not long ago, prion wardress was also caught sleeping with a male inmate in the country.

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